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Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting - Shawna Solomon


Building a new business from the ground up can be, to say the least...stressful. Unless, of course, you have the right firm to support you in the process. We assist start-ups to strategize to get the most out of their businesses to create a trusted presence. 

Already have a business but want better results, our consultants can help, too. We start by analyzing your current business image and strategies 

Once the analysis is complete, we really roll up our sleeves. Depending on your needs, we either show you what you can do to significantly boost your bottom line, or we actually do it for you. Either way, Shawna Solomon & Associates will help turn your e-commerce site into a winner.

  • Analyze your business and assess its potential online

  • Increase traffic, engagement, and conversion rates rapidly and continuously

  • Drive online sales and revenue

  • Defining business goals, target markets, and success metrics